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7 Steps to the Perfect Holiday Spread

By Schwan's Home Service, December 4, 2015

Schwan's Holiday


Food is at the center of gatherings with family and friends – especially during the holidays. So when you actually get a little time to sit down, relax and enjoy yourself during the busy season, you definitely want to make sure that the food is AMAZING.

Fear not, we’ve got the perfect holiday spread for you! (And it’s a no-hassle, delicious meal, of course.)

1. Ham: First things first. A beautiful ham is the focal point of the table and the main course for most of your guests, so thankfully we have a winning solution on our hands. Our Spiral Sliced Bone-In-Ham is naturally cured with just a touch of brown sugar.

2. Brussels Sprouts: Veggies may sound boring, but sprucing up these little green balls of magic will have everyone around your table singing your praises. This Brussels Sprouts with Warm Bacon Dressing recipe will be ready in just 25 minutes!

3. Mashed Cauliflower: Potatoes aren’t the only things that are delicious mashed. The trendiest vegetable of 2015, cauliflower, is mash-tastic when lightly mixed with parmesan cheese, sea salt crushed garlic and black pepper. Now that’s a side dish.

4. French Baguette Bread: Does anything match the aroma of freshly baked bread? We vote no. This simple staple of a side can be popped in the oven and ready in minutes.

5. Roasted Baby Bakers: These small, full potatoes are conveniently pre-seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic and ready for you to bake, microwave or deep fry them. It’s up to you! Who doesn’t enjoy luscious potatoes with their meal?!?

6. Mini Cheesecake & Brownie Bites: Is a meal really a full meal without dessert? No. It’s not. This is not up for debate. For sweets fans, New York and strawberry cheesecake bites, and turtle brownie bites, will WOW your taste buds into a happy dance.

7. Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie Cake: ENOUGH SAID. Fudge brownie, mini chocolate peanut butter cups, peanut butter, chocolate drizzle. So much goodness here.

Happy eating!