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Fundraising for Friends with Schwan’s Cares

By Schwan's Home Service, February 25, 2016

Schwan's Cares Thorson Memorial Library

Everyone should have friends like these. The Friends of the Thorson Memorial Library in Elbow Lake, Minnesota, support and sponsor capital improvements and programming for the Library, with a vision to see the Library meet its full potential. Supporting that vision requires fundraising. The friends of the Thorson Memorial Library are seasoned Schwan’s Cares™ fundraisers, […]

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Serving Up Sustainability

By Schwan's Home Service, January 14, 2016

  You hear a lot about sustainability, but what does it really mean when it comes to food? Sustainable food is produced in an ecologically and ethically responsible manner. When it comes to seafood, it means having a healthy relationship with our oceans that can endure forever. At Schwan’s Home Service, we’re committed to providing […]

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Schwan’s Cares: Lessons Learned from a Successful PTA Fundraiser

By Schwan's Home Service, January 12, 2016

Northampton Middle School

  One middle school PTA in Pennsylvania has navigated roadblocks to arrive at a successful fundraising approach. The Northampton Middle School, located in the Lehigh Valley of Eastern Pennsylvania, is fortunate to have an active and dedicated PTA. Just how active? “We pay for agenda books for the entire student body,” says Joan Begliomini with […]

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Schwan’s Cares: Keeping an Honored Holiday Tradition Bright

By Schwan's Home Service, December 22, 2015

Bentleyville - Schwan's Cares

  Simple set-up and easy sharing on social media were a few of the reasons the Bentleyville Tour of Lights chose Schwan’s Cares as a fundraising partner. Keeping America’s largest free public lighting display aglow throughout the holiday season requires a little help. Bentleyville, a seasonal wonderland on the waterfront in Duluth, Minnesota, is a […]

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Earn Rewards? Yes, please!

By Schwan's Home Service, December 19, 2015

Schwan's Rewards

Rewards are something you earn, something you deserve. So when you get rewarded for simply buying – and eating – the food you already love? Well, then you’re coming out ahead. What’s even better? It really couldn’t be easier. Simply order the food you love at, through the SCHWAN’S™ App or at 1-888-SCHWANS and start […]

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Our fundraising program, Schwan’s Cares™, has helped raise $10 million to support community organizations

By Schwan's Home Service, December 11, 2015

Schwan's Cares

  We are excited to announce that since its inception in 2013, Schwan’s Home Service, Inc. and Schwan’s Cares™ has helped local organizations raise a total of $10 million for local communities. Through the Schwan’s Cares™ Network, organizations can support their favorite causes, all through a unique and easy-to-use online fundraising solution. Schwan’s is delighted […]

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Cookie Crush: Get Our Master Tips for Decorating with Flair

By Schwan's Home Service, November 18, 2015

Holiday Cheer

  What would the holidays be without cookies? Definitely a less delicious time of year, that’s for certain. Cookies are a symbol of the season, and we take them veeeerrry seriously. That’s why we’ve asked our resident culinary expert, Deb Hey, for a few tips and tricks on crafting the perfect tasty treats during this […]

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Celebrating a Supportive Hockey Community and the Women Who Make it Possible

By Schwan's Home Service, November 6, 2015

Becky Boldt Schwan's Cares

  Our fundraising network, Schwan’s Cares™, has partnered with athletic organizations such as the Minnesota Wild to help foster a positive sports environment in communities across the country. Through that partnership, for the last five years we’ve recognized deserving hockey moms across the state, who have gone above and beyond to make youth hockey a […]

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Schwan’s in the News: Health and Wellness

By Schwan's Home Service, October 21, 2015

Black Cherry Frozen Yogurt

As part of our ongoing commitment to nourishing you and your family with delicious, simple food, we’re proud to announce some new commitments: we’re going 100% artificial trans fat free, partially hydrogenated oil free, artificial certified dyes free, high fructose corn syrup free and artificial flavor free. Not to toot our own horn, but we’re […]

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Schwan’s Cares: How One School is Flourishing

By Schwan's Home Service, October 1, 2015

Erik Ramstad PTA

Fundraising that’s easy to start, with no upfront costs and tools to help you make your cause for good a success? That’s Schwan’s Cares. Schwan’s Home Service has always valued doing good for our communities, and through our fundraising network Schwan’s Cares, we support the causes that are important to you! Don’t just take our […]

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