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Cookie Crush: Get Our Master Tips for Decorating with Flair

By Schwan's Home Service, November 18, 2015

Holiday Cheer


What would the holidays be without cookies? Definitely a less delicious time of year, that’s for certain.

Cookies are a symbol of the season, and we take them veeeerrry seriously. That’s why we’ve asked our resident culinary expert, Deb Hey, for a few tips and tricks on crafting the perfect tasty treats during this busy time of year, using Schwan’s cookie dough.

Q: What’s your favorite holiday cookie?

Oh, wow! That’s a tough question. How to choose?! That’s like asking someone to pick a favorite child. Okay, okay, if I had to select one, I’d say the frosted sugar cookie. It’s truly is a classic.

Q: Homemade or pre-made dough?

A: I really like using pre-made dough, as long as it’s delicious, quality dough like Schwan’s Home Style Sugar Cookie Dough. It makes baking easy. And with the craziness of the holiday season, easy is key. Pre-made dough allows you to have fun creating delicious treats, while still having time to spend doing other things you want (and need) to do.

Sugar Cookies

Q: How do you make your sugar cookies stand out?

I like decorating my cookies with royal icing, which I make by beating egg whites and powdered sugar together. It lets me have fun with my cookie toppings and create beautiful, more detailed designs.

 Q: Any cookie decorating secrets?

I always have plastic sandwich bags on hand. They’re the perfect decorating tool in lieu of a pastry bag. Simply fill the sandwich bag with frosting, snip off on of the corners with scissors, and frost away. This little trick lets you decorate like a pro! And all you need to do is open your kitchen drawer.

Q: Why do you love cookies?

Well first off, they’re delicious. I think we can all agree on that, right? But they are also the perfect item to bring to a holiday potluck, or to leave behind as a host/hostess gift. I like to make Cookie Cutter Cookies and give them as presents. Once the cookies are enjoyed, someone gets to keep the cute cutters for their own baking fun!

Cookie Tins

Q: Any last advice?

You can serve cookies in festive muffin cups, top or stuff them with your favorite candies or even bake the dough into bars. The possibilities are endless! Don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

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