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Happy Earth Day!

By Schwan's Home Service, April 22, 2016

Seafood Sustainability on Earth Day

We celebrate Earth Day all year with our commitment to sustainable seafood. What exactly does sustainability mean? It means that we work with suppliers with practices that prioritize preserving fish stocks and minimizing environmental impact. We want generations to come to enjoy our ocean’s bounty as much as we do today. Learn more about our partners and their practices here.

Schwan’s has a variety of responsibly sourced seafood. Being green has never tasted so good!

Schwan's Ancient Grain Encrusted Cod
Ancient Grain Encrusted CodCrunchy whole grain crust meets moist, tender wild-caught cod.

Schwan's Hand Breaded Fantail Shrimp
Hand Breaded Fantail ShrimpGorgeous, tail-on butterfly shrimp that’s lightly hand-breaded to perfection.

Schwan's Tortilla Encrusted Sole
Tortilla Encrusted Alaskan SoleWild-caught Alaskan Sole that’s perfect for fish tacos, or dipped in tomatillo salsa (included!).

Schwan's Wild Caught Sea Scallops
Wild Caught Sea ScallopsSucculent scallops are flash-frozen for maximum flavor and tenderness.

Schwan's Marinated Salmon with Grill Flavor
Marinated Salmon with Grill FlavorDelicious, smoky Salmon has never been easier.