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Happy Eat Your Vegetables Day!

By Schwan's Home Service, June 17, 2016

Eat Your Vegetables Day

When vegetables are 100% Grade A and frozen at the peak of flavor, eating them doesn’t require any finger wagging. Because they’re flash frozen, they retain all the nutritional value and peak flavor of perfect ripeness. Here are three of our favorites:

Asparagus Spears: These delicious, tender asparagus spears are a customer-favorite, and are the perfect choice to accompany any meal or as a quick, healthy snack!

Mini Super Sweet Corn on the Cob: Fun to eat and tasty too, our Grade A corn on the cob boasts amazing flavor, color and texture. They’re the perfect side for all your BBQ festivities this summer!

California Blend: Our healthful mix of crunchy, Grade A broccoli florets, cauliflower florets and baby carrots is a tasty side dish that everyone will enjoy.