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Introducing the Schwan’s Chef Collective!

By Schwan's Home Service, March 4, 2016

Introducing the Schwan's Chef Collective

Our culinary team is partnering with a group of talented chefs from around the nation. Together, they form the Schwan’s Chef Collective.

Who is the Schwan’s Chef Collective? The inaugural team includes seven accomplished chefs from restaurants across the country, who have honed their crafts in diverse culinary ventures. Each member of the Collective brings a unique perspective, background and expertise. Schwan’s Home Service customers can expect exciting new recipes, tips and tricks on cooking methods, preparations, ingredients and meal solutions.

“At Schwan’s, we want to make people’s lives easier and more enriched through a compelling combination of home delivery and great food,” said Dave Muscato, President of Schwan’s Home Service. “I’m already proud of our food: it’s high-quality, easy to prepare, made with authentic ingredients and carefully sourced. The Schwan’s Chef Collective members are talented, share our passion for food and will help us make our culinary offerings and inspiration even better.”

Look for chef-curated recipes, news and events here.