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Get Fired Up for National Barbecue Month

By Schwan's Home Service, May 6, 2016

National Barbecue Month

It’s National Barbecue Month, so get your grill prepped for summer. Just like your car gets a yearly tune-up, your grill needs some annual TLC. Here’s a checklist – and of course some recipes – to make sure your grill is in top shape all season long.


Charred grating doesn’t add flavor, and it needs to be removed. Use a wire brush or a scrub sponge to scrape away the char, and finish with dish soap, a rinse and air drying. Also check for flaked char on the inside of your lid. That’s a potential fire hazard and should be removed as well. Finally, clean the exterior according to your grill’s instructions, so that you don’t damage the surface.

Inspect the Gas Tank (if you use a gas grill)

Run a leak test by coating the regulator, valves and hoses with soapy water. Turn on the tank and look for bubbles. Apply some of the soap water solution to the closed valve at where it connects to the gas tank, using a soft-bristled brush or a spray bottle. If there are any, that’s a leak. Shut off the gas supply valve, tighten any loose connections and give it another try. If you still have a leak, you may need to replace hoses or get a new tank. If you don’t have any leaks, clean out any debris or insect nests in the tubes that connect the gas to the burners. Finally, fire up the grill and look for any uneven flames. If you find any areas that aren’t flaming, let the grate cool and then clear blockages in the burners with a small wire.

Check your Fuel Level

If your grill doesn’t have a gas gauge, weigh your tank to see how much propane is left. The outside of your tank will list the weight when empty (the tare weight), and you can subtract the tare weight from the full weight to see how much is left. If you are running low, make sure you have an extra tank on hand, stored upright in a shady place.

Order Barbecue Essentials

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And now, you should be ready to celebrate National Barbecue Month!