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Order Healthy Today, Live Healthy Tomorrow

By Schwan's Home Service, January 1, 2016

Premium Chicken Breast Filets


Happy New Year! Many of you will be resolving to make changes in the New Year, to live well and get healthy. One way to ensure you eat healthy in the New Year is by stocking up on delicious, healthy options so making the right choice is easy. Looking for inspiration? Look no further.

  1. Ancient Grain Encrusted Cod – Tender, flaky cod is encased in crispy, crunchy ancient grains like quinoa, sunflower seeds and whole grain oats.

Ancient Grain Encrusted Cod


  1. Oven Baked Chicken Breast – A must-have for healthy eating, juicy white meat chicken breasts are coated with a crispy coating. Easy to prepare – bake or microwave – to top a salad, nestle on a bed of rice or serve up a hearty chicken fillet sandwich.

Oven Baked Chicken Breast


  1. Premium Chicken Breast Filets – Boneless, skinless, hand-trimmed and lightly marinated – our chicken breast filets are a versatile staple for a balanced diet. This lean protein is juicy, tender and ready to be used in your favorite recipe. Individually wrapped in easy-peel packaging.

Premium Chicken Breast Filets


  1. Asparagus Spears – You’ll never feel deprived with delicious, flavorful Grade A asparagus on the plate. Our Asparagus Spears are picked at the height of ripeness, trimmed to a uniform six inches and frozen to lock in fresh flavor. Heart healthy, low calorie and low sodium make it a perfect side or snack any day.

Asparagus Spears


  1. Whole Blueberries – Simple, sweet and abundant goodness. All Grade A, fresh from the farm, and frozen at their ripest, our blueberries make healthy eating a treat. Use them in smoothies, top a salad with berries and nuts, or eat them frozen, straight from the resealable bag to satisfy a sweet craving.

Whole Blueberries