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Schwan’s Cares: Lessons Learned from a Successful PTA Fundraiser

By Schwan's Home Service, January 12, 2016

Northampton Middle School


One middle school PTA in Pennsylvania has navigated roadblocks to arrive at a successful fundraising approach.

The Northampton Middle School, located in the Lehigh Valley of Eastern Pennsylvania, is fortunate to have an active and dedicated PTA. Just how active? “We pay for agenda books for the entire student body,” says Joan Begliomini with Northampton’s PTA, “We support teacher requests on a rolling basis. We subsidize big field trips. We chip in snacks and water to help the kids make it through the state assessments. We provide the rewards tied to the school-wide anti-bullying program. Then there’s the whole Teacher Appreciation Week! It’s a lot, and it’s important, and we need to generate the money to do it all.”

Traditional fundraising efforts were met with an unexpected hurdle, as security measures for school volunteers became more stringent. Joan explains: “All volunteers now face the same level of scrutiny as school employees. They must go through a state police check, they must have had a documented negative Tuberculosis test, and they either must have lived here for longer than 10 years or they must be cleared by the FBI.”

She continues, “We certainly want our school community to be protected, but at the same time it’s tricky to run fundraisers or programs that rely heavily on the physical presence of volunteers because of this hurdle.” They found an answer to this hurdle with SCHWAN’S CARESTM.

“We absolutely love it,” says Joan. “Everything is delivered directly to people’s homes. We don’t have to take possession of inventory, sort out the orders, hope that people will pick it all up on time – none of that.” She adds, “It is one of the easiest, most straight-forward fundraisers to do.”

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