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Schwan’s Cares™ Success: Helping Youth Help Others

By Schwan's Home Service, February 23, 2017

Schwan's Cares

This summer, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church youth will be participating in two significant events, 2017 Steubenville and CHWC, and they have chosen the Schwan’s Cares™ Fundraising program to help them fund their travel. In just a short time they have already raised $1,555.

In June, the youth will be “giving back” at the Catholic HEART Workcamp by helping the disadvantaged, elderly and homeless people in Oklahoma City, Okla.

They will also attend the Steubenville Catholic Youth Conference in Rochester, Minn., in July, a weekend program of learning about how to support their communities through their faith.

A letter from the Holy Redeemer Catholic Church Youth Minister says it all.

“Dear Schwan’s Cares,

Holy Redeemer youth have chosen Schwan’s Cares as one of their primary fundraisers. The youth are going on two trips this summer. The first trip is a mission trip to Oklahoma where the students will spend a week working with people in need, painting houses, washing windows, clearing brush from yards and also working at a homeless shelter. Our second trip is to a youth conference in Rochester, Minn. The youth will learn about the joy and peace Jesus gives when we allow Him into our lives. Both trips take the focus off of ourselves and allow us to give to others. We chose Schwan’s Cares because of the high-quality products and the return that is given to each student who signs up. We started the campaign last week and we are already successful! The kids are motivated to help fund their trips and that is exciting to see. We have a great group of youth and they never stop amazing me. As their Youth Minister, I am thankful that Schwan’s has given us the opportunity to raise money for our trips and made it easy to do. I am excited to see just how much we raise on this campaign.


Dana Webskowski
Youth Minister”

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