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The 3 Most Quintessentially Autumn Flavors

By Schwan's Home Service, November 2, 2015

Apple Pie à la Mode


Yes, there are chunky sweaters and now you can drink all the warm drinks you desire, but we all know what the best part of autumn is: the food. As you welcome the crispy air and the crunchy leaves beneath your feet, you can’t help but begin to crave the customary flavors of fall.

Reveling in these tantalizing tastes will make you happier than a jack-o-lantern. Goodbye summer and hello to fall foods!

  1. Pumpkin

Skip the lattes and head for what you’re really craving: pumpkin spiced desserts. We have three pumpkin options for you this fall, and we can’t wait to hear what you think:


The original pumpkin spice craze starts with this delicious pie, with its signature spice mixture and a buttery crust.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Crème Pie

Three words: whipped crème rosettes. Too much pumpkin for you? We didn’t think so.

Pumpkin Crème Pie

Autumn Treat© Ice Cream

Sure, summer is prime time ice cream time, but this is a fall flavor treat with pumpkin, pecans, and cinnamon.


  1. Warm Fruit

When it gets cold outside, we start heating everything up — and when it comes to apples, that means the richest, tangiest, most make-you-think-of-grandma flavors and scents in the world. We take the fall fun further with warm cherries, maple, nuts, and caramel drizzles; basically, a fall explosion.

Apple Pie à la Mode

Warm apples and cold ice cream straddle the early part of fall when the temperatures are just starting to fall.

Apple Pie à la Mode

Walnut Cherry Crisp

A thirty minute crisp that is a perfect, easy autumn dessert.

Walnut Cherry Crisp

Warm Caramel Apple Shortcakes with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Spread the word: caramel is the unofficial drizzle of fall.

Warm Caramel Apple Shortcakes with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Caramelized Banana with Maple Nut Ice Cream

Bananas get the fall treatment by being caramelized and served with our maple nut ice cream.

Caramelized Bananas with Maple Nut Ice Cream

  1. Cranberry

Don’t even get us started. Every year, it’s like we forget how much we love cranberries, but then the leaves start to change and it’s like we want to belly-flop into a bog. The bright bite of a cranberry is the perfect accent in a fall dish, whether you’re pairing it with bacon, wild rice or leftover turkey.

 Cranberry Bacon Sweet Potatoes

Fall is all about casseroles and savory sides. Get out the baking dishes!

Cranberry Bacon Sweet Potatoes

Harvest Cranberry Wild Rice Soup

Hot, flavorful, filling, and perfect to eat on a blistery day.

Harvest Chicken Cranberry Wild Rice Soup

Happy fall, y’all!