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The Perfect, Quick Meal for Busy Moms

By Meghann of Meals and Miles, December 23, 2015

Schwan's Chicken Lo Mein Skillet Meal


When I became a new mom just over nine weeks ago I was told to “sleep when baby sleeps.”  Ha! Sleep when baby sleeps? I think what they really meant is DO ALL THE THINGS when baby sleeps because you’re never going to have a chance to do them otherwise.

When Annalynn isn’t napping, I’m pretty much 100% dedicated to her and her needs. My only objectives are to keep her fed, keep her dry, and keep her entertained. It’s only when she naps that I’m finally able to do the dishes, do the laundry, shower, feed the dog, follow up on work stuff, and eventually feed myself.

Food has always been a major priority for me, as I refuse to survive solely on complete junk or go hungry. Schwan’s offers great healthy, frozen meals that can easily be ordered online while nursing my baby and delivered directly to my front door.

The Chicken Lo Mein Skillet Meal I tried took less than 10 minutes to prepare, which is great when time is of the essence during naptime.

Schwan's Chicken Lo Mein Skillet Meal

I simply heated the contents of the bag with oil and water on the stove top then added the sauce packet when everything was done.

Schwan's Chicken Lo Mein Skillet Meal

To boost the veggie power of the meal, I also had some asparagus on the side. These were really quick to reheat in the microwave.

Schwan's Asparagus

Does anyone else love adding a touch of Parmesan to asparagus? I really feel like it adds a little something extra.

A quick and easy lunch is done and the baby is still sleeping. All is good with the world.

Schwan's Chicken Lo Mein Skillet Meal

The finished product was pretty delicious. The Chicken Lo Mein had just the right mix of salt and sweet thanks to the sauce, and the asparagus gave me that extra punch of green I need. A big bonus is that I was able to enjoy the leftovers for lunch the next day!

Schwan's Chicken Lo Mein Skillet Meal

For dessert, a couple of spoonfuls of frozen, all natural blueberries and a dollop of whipped cream was just enough sweetness to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Schwan's Blueberries

With lunch done, it’s time to get started on the rest of that to do list. Like, you know, showering and maybe washing my hair.

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