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Tourney Time is a Win-Win with Schwan’s Home Service

By Schwan's Home Service, March 16, 2016

Tourney Time Snacks from Schwan's

The odds of filling out a perfect bracket – predicting the correct wins and losses for every team in the annual NCAA basketball tournament – is 1 in 9.2 quintillion. Still, that doesn’t stop roughly 10% of Americans from filling out a bracket. With 67 games to watch you’re bound to get a little hungry, win or lose, it’s all about the game… and the food.

Wings FTW! (For the Win)

Advancing to the next level? Celebrate with chicken wings and a variety of sauce recipes like Peachy BBQ, Sriracha Honey or Asian Peanut Sauce.

Schwan's Chicken Wings

The (sweet, delicious) agony of defeat!

When their team takes a hit, fans look to comfort food. Numbers back it up:

Increase in pizza orders by fans after loss vs. win: 19%*
Increase in dessert orders by fans after loss vs. win: 9%*

Based on these facts, we recommend keeping the freezer stocked with plenty of pizza and ice-cream… just in case.

Schwan's Pizza