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What’s Your Burger Style?

By Schwan's Home Service, July 6, 2016

Burger Recipes from Schwan's

The burger is the perfect blank canvas to create a flavor masterpiece. But burger beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Which burger reflects your style?

Garlic Shrimp Po'Boy Burger Recipe
Spice Lover
It don’t mean a thing unless it’s got some zing. Garlic, pepper, cayenne or wasabi – you like flavors on full blast.

Your burger: The Garlic Shrimp Po’ Boy Burger takes inspiration from the classic New Orleans sandwich. Add sliced jalapeños for added punch. Also try: The Teriyaki Salmon Burger

Cheesy Sweet Potato Fry Burger Recipe
That menu item that causes other people to shake their heads? That’s the one you want. You see eating, and life, as an adventure.

Your burger: The Sweet Potato Fry Burger with Cheesy Sautéed Onions combines Gruyère cheese, onions and sweet potatoes for a never-before flavor combo you’re going to love. Also try: The Greek Turkey Burger

Greek Turkey Burger Recipe
Health Nut
Clean eating, lean proteins, low in fat and nutrient dense… are we speaking your language? You love food that provides efficient fuel for your body, as well as great taste.

Your burger: The Greek Turkey Burger starts with our lean, tasty Seasoned Turkey Jack Burger and piles on flavor with less fat, using hummus and feta cheese to finish. Also try: The Teriyaki Salmon Burger

Teriyaki Salmon Burger Recipe
Seafood Enthusiast
You love a good fish filet, scampi or lobster tail. In another life, you might have been a sailor, because you love all food that comes from the sea.

Your burger: Forget beef, you’ll take a Teriyaki Salmon Burger spiced with sweet and salty teriyaki sauce, OMG Oh My Guacamole! and cilantro; it’s a tasty treat. Also try: The Garlic Shrimp Po’ Boy Burger