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What’s your PIE-sonality*?

By Schwan's Home Service, November 7, 2015

Schwan's Pie


What does YOUR favorite Schwan’s pie reveal about your personality? Well, first of all, the fact that you love pie at all means that you have great taste. Read on to uncover more.

Chocolate Creme Pie: You’re a sentimental romantic. Also, you love chocolate: chocolate crème, chocolate chips, chocolate crumble crust and chocolate drizzle. You love it all.

Pumpkin Pie: You value tradition, family and simplicity – like a perfect pumpkin pie with a flakey buttery crust. If you take it a la mode, you also enjoy the finer things in life. (Who doesn’t, right?!)

Pumpkin Crème Pie: You’re a tireless innovator, always looking for ways to re-invent upon the status quo. Such as re-imagining a seasonal favorite like pumpkin pie into cream cheese layered with pumpkin and topped with whipped cream rosettes, all nestled in a spiced crumble shell. Never stop dreaming, please!

Old-Fashioned Apple Pie: Old-fashioned is just another way of saying “classic.” You value the tried and true standards that stand the test of time. Like a pound of real apple, tossed with cinnamon and sugar, and baked to perfection in a flakey buttery crust. Why mess with perfection? Especially when it’s this good.

Key Lime Pie: You love a party, and your sunny disposition is a crowd-pleaser. Just like tart lime curd custard poured into a sweet vanilla cracker crust, your smile brightens every room you walk into (like a light tropical breeze!).

Harvest Berry Peach Pie: You’re sweet and kind and tend to daydream. Like drifting off to the perfect summer afternoon where sun-warmed berries and peaches are baked into a tastes-like-home-made crust. But don’t forget to snap out of it! The pie’s ready to be taken out of the oven and served!

* Pie-sonality evaluation is unscientific, untested and basically a load of hooey, but hopefully a little fun. Enjoy discussing your real Pie-sonality traits over a warm slice.