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When Irish Pies Are Smiling

By Schwan's Home Service, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! It’s time to celebrate Irish heritage, and Irish cooking means comfort food. Imagine hot steaming meat pie as you come in from a long walk along the misty bluffs of Dover. That’s the essence of Irish fare.

Meat Pie and Ale Pairings

Shepherd’s Pie, also sometimes called Cottage Pie, is most likely Scottish in origin, but the ingredients and seasonings are common to all the British Isles, including Ireland. Some recipes call for lamb, and some omit the vegetables altogether – but essentially a Shepherd’s Pie is a meat stew topped with a layer of potatoes and baked in the oven. The dish most likely evolved as a way to use left-over pot roast and make use of inexpensive and abundant potatoes to create a meal.

Schwan’s Prime Rib Shepherd’s Pie features tender and juicy prime rib layered with Grade A veggies and topped with mashed red-skin and russet potatoes. Wash it down with a nice Irish Red Ale – which is a bit sweet, with a light toasted malt flavor. Its lighter character will complement the rich flavors of the shepherd’s pie.

Schwan's Prime Rib Shepherd's Pie

Another cozy meat pie is the Sirloin Beef Pot Pie: a flaky pastry-crust pie stuffed with tender sirloin, carrots, peas, and onions in a savory well-seasoned gravy. Easily made in the oven or microwave, you’ll be transported to a sturdy cottage table when you tuck into it. A good Irish stout, with its creamy top, will pair nicely with the buttery crust of the pot pie.

Schwan's Sirloin Beef Pot Pie

Now dig in and thank goodness for the Irish!